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    Donate for Solar Power Project
    Mangyan Tribe Mindoro Philippines

                                 $ 695.00   - One time donation for complete solar power.

        $              -  donate any amount toward solar power.

    Donate for School tables and chairs
    Mulawin Christian Academy, Alanga and Batangan Tribes School

                     $ 1600.00 - one time donation towards complete classroom.
           20 table and chairs.

             $       $                 - donate any amount towards classrooms,     
                                                        school supplies, bibles, and any learning   

    Donate for livelihood programs, (chickens, turkeys, pigs and many more)
    Mulawin, Sta. Cruz, Mindoro, Alangan and Batangan Tribes

                     $ 1,500.00  -  one time donation to start chickens and turkey farms.

 $         $                  -  donate any amount towards livelihood programs.
Your donations is a tremendous help in
reducing poverty amongst children.
Sponsor a Child
Alangan & Batangan Tribe, Mindoro
Occidental Philippines

$50.00  - per child a month
for scho
ol and food.
For automatic monthly donations please check
recurring box .
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