It makes me feel excited to see how the BLESS program will impact the lives
of countless indigent children here in Victoria Muntinlupa . What is even
more thrilling is that this process is repeated over and over again every

Life is a matter of building, and so we all have the opportunity to build
something. So what do we build? Daniel Webster offers this excellent advice:
“If we work on marble, it will perish. If we work on a brass, time will efface it.
If we rear temples, they will crumble to dust. But if we work on men’s
immortal minds, and love of their fellow men, we engrave on the tablets
something which time cannot efface, and which will brighten and brighten to
all eternity.”

We must remember that we are in the position of building something and
affecting someone’s life. There is always a person beside us whom we can
touch – an officemate, the grocer across the street, the janitor who picks up
our garbage. We can influence them with things that can outlast time.

We can teach children timeless principles designed to help them achieve
success, like hard work and integrity. When children learn things like these
from both lips as well as our lives, the effect is lasting.

Remember what they say about teaching: If you want to have something that
will last a day, plant flowers. if you want something that will last a years, plant
trees. But if you want something that will last forever, plant ideas. And may I
add, plant Godly ideas by sharing His love and fear of the Lord, treating the
elders with more respect, honor and dignity. with the help of Network Social
Development and Networking Church & Networking for Christ Ministry, Inc
we were we now have 418 sq building having our Sunday regular service for
3rs time now and next month Learning center will be ready for the children
we can now teach them that the life is worth living, and the God of heaven has
a plan for them. These are the lessons that we will build meaningful lives.

When the first time we conduct our Community Survey I was really excited to
see the children, their parents and neighbors, also the first feeding program
children were very happy and grateful to receive all of your help ... Thank you
for sharing your blessings with us! ... which has allowed us to portray His love
to so many poor children and families in Muntinlupa Victoria area. ... We
praise God for keeping His hand on them over all this time and we are
rejoicing at their return.

May we labor diligently in the calling God has placed upon our lives so that we
may one day hear the glorious words of our Lord and Saviour ,… Well done,
thou good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things, I
will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy Lord.
(Matthew 25:21). I am eager to move on to this this journey I couldn’t
imagine that God would use my life to impact others, nut He had a plan. I am
still learning that when I can’t see what lies ahead I can trust His heart.

To God be all the glory

Lovely Hilario
Love His Children
Networking For Social Development